mentor and songwriter of "The Rose"

"Fran has one of the most beautiful voices I know. And the intelligence and heart with which she inhabits each song she sings is an inspiration and a lesson in the true craft of musical performance. She is also one FINE song writer. Her lyrics  are smart, funny, surprising, and  full of humanity."


former student, and professional actress

"(Fran) pushed me to go beyond where I thought I could ever go. (She) taught me about love, compassion and true hard work. I am honored to have worked with her and hope I can again someday; my friend, mentor and my inspiration."



"Fran taught me so much from singing to acting to character development and really helped me find talents I never thought I had. She's great at finding potential in someone and encouraging them to use it and she'll believe in you to do your best."


former student

"I had to sing for a school play and the prospect terrified me. But Fran was such a good teacher and such a kind, compassionate person she got me proudly singing falsetto for five hundred people within two months."



"Fran is an awesome director.  She always encourages us to do our best and to explore and take risks.  Because of Fran, I am more confident on stage and have fallen in love with theatre."


student mother

This is the magical place to fulfill your dreams! We walked in today for the first time with an 8yr old boy that had never taken a dance class. He was focused and enjoyed every minute today. The dance steps were easy to follow and provided a pace that kept everyone excited and going. I’ve never seen a class of 12 young children focus and follow instruction for an hour and a half!! Fran kept it lively with joining in and making sure no one was left out. They all left dancing and successful. Surely a place to build confidence, community, and build some really great skills. Thank you Fran and Alfie!!!!



Your class is the best decision I have made for my daughter this school year!  She has no shortage of confidence and is not generally prone to peer pressure, etc.  I enrolled her in your class because she loves to sing, has ample personality, and is extroverted and social in a way that neither of her parents are.  When her kindergarten teacher asked me my goals for her at the beginning of this year, I said that I wanted her to stand on her own two feet and be more self assured.  Last year she was very close with a little girl who she constantly copied to a fault, they would sneak off to the bathroom and discuss who had a prettier face, make up, etc.  (things I do not consider appropriate, especially at that age). More than anything, I want Olivia to be Olivia and not to waste time trying to be someone else (except on stage).  Anyway, during the first class, I heard you tell her to trust herself, and I knew we were getting so much more than we signed her up for.  Thank you!